Some experimental data shows that psychopaths don't develop the skin conductance (due to sweat) that other people get under threat of punishment

Psychopaths, who are part of a wider group of persons with antisocial personality disorder, seem to lack the ability to anticipate punishment and are deficient in autonomic responding, eg, skin conductance responses (SCRs), in anticipation of threatening events.

The SCR is basically due to sweat.

I'm curious however if there's any more general impairment of sweating of psychopaths under other environmental conditions, i.e. do they sweat normally during physical effort and/or elevated temperature? And what about other psychological stimuli? For example, do they have normal skin conductance responses to excitement e.g. due to workload?

The galvanic skin response is triggered by many different kinds of events. Simply holding your breath or thinking about something embarrassing or exciting can make it glow.

The stimuli to which skin conductance is sensitive are manifold, including events of a novel, significant, or intense nature. Arousal level tends to below when a person is sleeping, and high in activated states such as rage or mental workload. When you engage in a mental workload task, such as solving a bunch of math problems (even if not particularly hard), the level will tend to shoot up and then gradually decline.


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