In Wikipedia page, it explains:

The basic route of nerve signals within the efferent somatic nervous system involves a sequence that begins in the upper cell bodies of motor neurons (upper motor neurons) within the precentral gyrus (which approximates the primary motor cortex). Stimuli from the precentral gyrus are transmitted from upper motor neurons and down the corticospinal tract, via axons to control skeletal (voluntary) muscles. These stimuli are conveyed from upper motor neurons through the ventral horn of the spinal cord, and across synapses to be received by the sensory receptors of alpha motor neurons (large lower motor neurons) of the brainstem and spinal cord.

So, for example, to move a muscle in our arm, In order:

  1. An upper motor neuron in the motor cortex(in the primary motor cortex) (A Betz Cell?)

  2. (Optional) An interneuron in the spinal cord

  3. A lower motor neuron (an anterior horn cell?)

  4. Target muscle

Is this a plausible pathway that contains 4 cells and 3 synapses? (Ignoring complexity that comes before the last bit of the primary motor cortex)


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