OK so it seems to me that Borderline and Narcissistic personalities have some things in common. I mean in terms of a checklist. Perhaps something that could be compared in a table, or maybe if not to complex, a venn diagram.


Borderline & Narcissistic:

  • Transgresses on the agency of others, with a damaging effects on those other people.



  • Often unconscious of their transgressing on the agency of others. Maybe compulsed or driven to do so in the moment.
  • Has difficulty separating self from other
  • Sometimes aware of the damage that's done to others. Often with a wish to not accept the damage caused, or think about it, or put lasting changes in place to cease doing it.


  • Often conscious of their transgressing on the agency of others.
  • Considers others are lesser and therefore OK to manipulate for personal gain
  • Does not feel bad about the damage caused, but will do a lot to prevent analysis of that in their circles

OK, so I'm not from this field, but I like to model things in order to understand them. Agency (self determination; do-unto-others) felt key. Thoughts?


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