Concerning some of the mental states that need to be solved by a complex problem (Complex Thinking of Edgar Morion), for example in relation to the concept of God there is some kind of paradox or contradictory thought in the mental systems facing this situation, I guess There is. (Mybe ralated to old said about madness danger of thinkng in this field)

  1. What kind of reaction can this be classified as a Psychlogical defense mechanism?

  2. Is it a type of separation behavior with an intrinsic defense mechanism in such a way that a complex problem from different angles may represent contradictory concepts, Human intelligence tries to internalize its contradictory dimensions in order to understand it and, since it disturbs one's mental equilibrium, it seeks to disassociate these dimensions, and in so doing, reaching to paradoxial thought in the mind?

  3. If the analysis is to some extent true, what tags are useful for searching the Internet ?

  4. what is the evolutionary trend of this behavior?

  5. What other defense mechanism using in this situation?

  6. Finally dose this behavior seen in artificial intelligence? what relatice expression used for this behavior?




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