Procrastination seems universal and well understood by the public. However, there seems to be very little research into techniques and approaches that works to reduce and manage procrastination.

The previous aversion therapy thread cited a 2012 review that found minimal research into procrastination. It is 2019 now and I was wondering whether anyone knows of any recent research? - Effectiveness of aversion therapy for procrastination

Another thread will address procrastination in ADHD - Treatment and strategies for procrastination for ADHD


I found this 2018 meta-analysis of 24 studies by Wendelienvan & Klingsieck on procrastination intervention - Educational Research Review article.

They used Steel's 2007 definition of procrastination as an irrational and acratic behavior. Procrastination is a voluntary delay an intended course of action despite expecting to be worse off for the delay. Wendelienvan & Klingsieck found that cognitive-behavioural therapeutic approaches had a greater reduction in procrastination than self-regulation and strength & assertiveness training interventions.

Quite an accessible and interesting read.


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