The media frequently claims that mass shooters are or were bullied as children. Does the scientific evidence back up this claim? Evidence that is reported in articles about this issue in major media outlets seems inconsistent. Scientific litterature also seems inconclusive.

Articles claiming there is a link

Huffington Post: Mass Murders in Schools and Bullying: What We Can Do to Help Stop the Carnage

CNN: Rejection, bullying are risk factors among shooters

The autogenic (self-generated) massacre

Skytherapist: Understanding Mass Violence: Could Bullying Play a Role?

Inquirer: Many campus shootings have similarities. Studying them might prevent more tragedy, researchers say (limited to campus shootings)

Articles claiming no link

Statistics on Bullying and School Shootings (limited to school shootings rather than general mass shootings)

Newsweek: How we talk about bullying after school shootings can be dangerous (again, limited to school shootings)

Vox: Think school shooters are usually bullied and unpopular? You're wrong

Parenting Pod: What Causes School Shootings and How to Stop Them

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