As we know neurons are matter . But mind is not matter .You can see a brain but can't see a mind . Why from outside brain is full neurons , but when it's inside you , it starts to create mind, visions, hearing etc etc.How neurons also know that a fire is hot and an ice is cold? How it process information? We know about how our sensory organs , muscles, stomach , heart work .What is their physical structure etc. But when they are inside our body, we don't even know they exist. For example, we know objectively how sound travels from outer ear to our brain and brain interprets ,which results into our sound perception .But as a subject, we don't even know about their existence let alone their functions .Why same thing which is perceived from outside is so different from when that very thing is inside you ? These are two different worlds ,one is objective (from outside) another is subjective (from inside or first hand experience) . Between these two which is true? Scientists can say you are hearing because of all that neurons firing and all. But a common person who never heard about neurons , will not trust those words of the scientists . Because from their point of view , they will say , they are having a sound perception through ear and mind . So in this case, he is also right that only mind exists but no neurons exist .Please clear this confusion . I think this should be the base of biological sciences .But they never mentioned this anywhere in the books .