In his book with A. Connes J.-P. Changeux says "Beliefs and moral rules are fixed simultaneously, and perhaps in analogous ways, with the acquisition of a native language. The child's brain becomes impregnated with moral rules, as it were, along with a language specific to the famililal and cultural environament in which it's raised." (Google Books id QnBdhJbfqOAC p. 221)

I'm looking for scientific references where this theory, and the implied facts, are documented. When googling 'croyances "règles morales" langage acquisition' I find a single page where Hubel & Wiesel experiments are cited (books.google.be with id L3z2KJiHnl0C p. 257: "Depuis les expériences de Hubel et Wiesel, on sait la faible réversibilité de ces apprentissages précoces.") but that's everything I could find...

Someone can please lead me to related papers and documentation ?



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