The term "thought patterns" in the everyday psychology have negative associations, e.g. https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/the-angry-therapist/201704/5-distorted-thought-patterns-and-how-change-them . Such thought patterns are considered something harmful that must be managed and changed, erased. But what about positive thought patterns. E.g. work activities, especially the activities of intellectual work such as computer programming, mathematics, medical reasoning and so on - all such activities involve more or less established thinking pathways, routines, best practices, learned patterns. Do the psychology or cognitive science consider such thought patterns, is there theory about good, positive, helpful thought patterns?

Computational thinking patterns is one example of the term that describes trending research focus but still in infancy. There is one article about judicial thinking patterns, but clearly - more research is needed and more references are needed. Maybe the similar thing are called in differend terms by other researchers?


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