I realise this may be an unusual case, but long story short I managed to get hold of an intelligence testing software often used for job screening etc. Its called the MAB-II its modelled after the WAIS. Anyway on one of the subtests, which is like a mix between digit symbol coding and symbol search where you are given symbols and have to match a group of symbols with a group of numbers (multiple choice group of 5 numbers). However, when doing the test I did not realise that the multiple choice group of numbers had to be in order, thus getting most of them wrong. I noticed this when there were about 3 min left in the test and decided to abort that subtest. Presumably this invalidates my subtest score? Would the best option be to retest and include that in the fsiq calculation?


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    $\begingroup$ Could you rephrase this as a general question that does not revolve around you specifically (and add more information in the title)? E.g. "How does aborting a subtest in MAB-II while having partially completed it affect score?" $\endgroup$ – Steven Jeuris Mar 7 at 7:10