I'm using the Self-Assessment Manikin to measure valence, arousal and dominance of participants. I would like to give some examples at the beginning of the study to participants so that they get a feeling how it works. The study is chat-based, i.e. participants have to rate their feeling while chatting on a smartphone.

For example, chatting with a colleague who gets very unfriendly and rude. This would probably trigger low valence (negative emotion), high arousal (intense emotion) and low dominance.

Does somebody know examples for the following combinations? I would prefer examples from chatting (e.g. WhatsApp or Skype) or else real-life (but not extreme examples like people dying).

high valence, low arousal, low dominance
high valence, high arousal, high dominance
low valence, low (or high) arousal, high dominance

Especially for dominance I find difficult to reason about it and to come up with examples.


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