I'm learning EFA (again autodidactically -_- bloody middle east).. So I hope you help me with this naive question


I have a questionnaire made, and I was able to extract 5 factors. Factor 1 was loaded on 8 variables. Factor 2 on 5 variables.. and so on.. I saw the pattern, I understood it, and I named the factors, now the questionnaire is ready to be published.

My question is:

To score new participants on, say Factor 1, am I going to find the mean of its constituent variables (i.e. the 8 variables aforementioned) for each participant ? and that is it?

Or am I going to use weights extracted from my EFA output (the loadings matrix) to sum the constituting variables of Factor 1? In which case I expect that I need to attach attach the scoring equation with my article, right?

Why am I lost?

We were taught that the Big Five are calculated from the 30 facets by averaging 6 facets for each Big Five factor (i.e. the NEO-PI).

But some resources have also said that they should be weighted. This is where I got lost. When are they weighing and when they are normally averaging? Or am I understanding something wrong?


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