While I was searching for articles on the correlates of attraction to female "feminine" faces I ran into some non-academic discussions on the attraction that some men apparently have for muscular women, e.g. on quora or on bodybuilding.com forms, where some of the folk opinion (fairly predictably) was that such men are "closet homo" etc.

I'm at a loss how to search for any academic works on this topic, i.e. what's some terminology used; is there any academic research on this phenomenon at all?

As a related matter, there is some academic research on the nature of visual preferences of bisexual males, e.g. using swimsuit images, but only typical male/female images were used in that paper, not anything more "in-between", e.g. in terms of muscularity (or facial features). It's also quite easy to find reseach on the culturally-expected phenomenon "women drawn to men with muscles" or articles trying to limit/disprove that. There's an article in theconversation.com "Why do we find muscular women wildly perplexing?" but it doesn't even acknowledge the phenomenon that some men apparently are attracted to muscular women; it just rails against cultural standards etc.

In a case Wikipedia having surprisingly little google juice, on the 5th page of google results; I discovered its article on "muscle worship", which does contain some Latin-ish (how else) academic terms: sthenolagnia (="sexual arousal from displaying strength or muscles") and cratolagnia ("arousal from strength"). But these terms can simply refer to the "worship" participants fitting culturally-expected roles; I did find there that it's supposedly very prevalent among gay men, but there's no citation to back that up, and in any case it isn't what I was looking for. A similarly uncited statement is that

Many other sites are oriented towards straight men who enjoy worshipping female bodybuilders and other fit, muscular women, either virtually or by arranging for in-person sessions.

Ok, no academic took interest in this phenomenon, ever?


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