I was wondering if anyone could help me define my observation, in order to read some literature on the subject. I have some Cog. Psych. background but have never encountered this during my studies. It is a social, behavioral and a cognitive phenomenon, that I have observed reading the news and political forums. Every time N Korea is mentioned, people start talking about how hungry their nation is, and make jokes about Kim's weight. Almost every time a popular topic appears on the news regarding the subject, these kinds of posts can be seen. I can provide many examples, if necessary. It is always different individuals with the same kinds of replies/responses.

Is there anything I can read to inform myself about this phenomenon ?

EDIT: as pointed out, not all observations/phenomena need a term. However, I do need some references to read more about it, so I am not completely lost.


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I doubt there's anything deeper than a meme or stereotyping at play here. See https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/hungry-kim-jong-un

On December 23rd, the "Kim Jong-Un is Hungry"[4] single topic blog launched on the microblogging site Tumblr with the tagline "He's always thinking about food. For himself… not for his people."


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