By good, I mean three things:

  1. Accepted by professional doctors/psychologists/psychiatrists.
  2. Has supporting research.
  3. Has an established norm and can tell you where you are relative to the average.

These are the tests I found:

TEST 1: https://www.mindcrowd.org/consent

This seems to be an actual medical test - it displays 12 pairs of words and then shows one word from the pair, the user is expected to type the second word. The test seems to be at least associated with some doctors (team: https://www.mindcrowd.org/#team) working on Alzheimer's research.

TEST 2: https://www.memorylosstest.com/free-working-memory-tests-online/

Just some digit span test - shows you a series of numbers and has you remember them. It seems like this is an acceptable way to test WM given:

thus, the digit span task is a common component of many IQ tests, including the widely used Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS). Performance on the digit span task is also closely linked to language learning abilities; improving verbal memory capacities may therefore aid mastery of a new language.


but then there is this quote (tl:dr; Number spans can be gamed to achieve absurdly high results):

However, memory span can be expanded dramatically - in one case to 80 digits - by learning a sophisticated mnemonic system of recoding rules by which substrings of 5 to 10 digits are translated into one new chunk. In December 2015, Lance Tschirhart entered the Guinness Book of World Records for memorizing a sequence of 456 digits spoken aloud at the rate of one per second at the World Memory Championship in Chengdu, China.


TEST 3: http://opencoglab.org/memtest1/ Same as the digit span, except with convoluted images. Imo, this test is flawed because the images are fairly complex and don't necessarily represent a single, familiar "unit". The flaw is in the fact that WM tests are supposed to measure how many "units" of data you can keep in mind.

Anyway, which of these tests are best, is there anything better? If there isn't, what's a good test?

My end goal is to get a decent approximation of my overall WM to see if training improves it.

PS, I did see this post In the digit span test, why do some strategies work and others don't?, which links to (http://pebl.sourceforge.net/), but I have no basis for evaluating the validity of those tests either.

Edit 2: A day in, I found a similar question here: How to reliably measure working memory capacity? I don't believe it to be a duplicate because I am looking for online tests. The third answer down is pretty good though.


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