I see a very common trend in how every mobile game is being designed and advertised on the market.

The common features are (not limited to):

  1. Very cartoony graphics (big heads small bodies)

  2. Characters standing on the side of every presentation screenshot

  3. Overblown attitude of characters, characters show very exaggerated facial expressions whether it be angry or classy.

  4. Very simplistic captions and feature descriptions like "choose your weapon", "kill your enemy", "build your empire"

  5. Flashy graphics with colourful and glowing stuff, often exaggerated to the levels that its visually overwhelming

I am currently clueless how such marketing and design appeal to anyone? Is it aimed at children (by eventually making their parents pay for in game purchases)? Personally for me its quite repulsive, but since every other game is following it they must be doing something right?


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