After searching PubMed or Google Scholar researchers often arrive at a publisher's full-text article page. Assuming that you have access to the full-text access, what contextual links should be included within the article? i,e links to Brain Atlas, links to Gene Databases


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This is a subjective question and what is useful would depend on from which domain of cognitive science the article originated. In general, I prefer when the PDF looks like the journal article (i.e., no formatting to indicate links).

Here is a list of things that I find useful:

  • Links from in text citations to the location of the full reference
  • Links from references to the full-text resource
  • Links between Table and figure references with the actual figure
  • Table of contents tied to sections in the article
  • URLs and emails that can be clicked on
  • Tables with exportable data
  • If the article includes supplementary material, links to that material that work and do not require password access.

A few extra things that might be nice perhaps in the HTML version:

  • Ability to export both the article reference and the references in the article in various bibliographic formats (e.g., bibtex, Endnote, etc.)
  • Page view, download, and citation statistics
  • RSS feed options for the journal

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