I wonder whether it is technically possible today to have simultaneous extracellular recording in awake rodents (e.g., mice) from different non-proximate sites (e.g., V1 and frontal cortex). I mean to have two or more different electrode penetrations at the same time. Using multi-array / grid / tetrode it is possible record from many locations, but they are spatially proximate. Any references are appreciated.

  • $\begingroup$ This is very widely done!! $\endgroup$ – Memming Sep 18 '17 at 17:23

I wouldn't know why multi-site cortical extracellular recordings would not be feasible? What would the practical experimental or technical limitation be in your opinion?

As long as you have a multichannel amplifier suitable for extracellular recording and you consider the choice between using a common reference, i.e., monopolar recordings (Ludwig et al., 2009), or using paired recording-reference electrodes for bipolar measurements (Boatman-Reich et al., 2010) you should be fine.

- Boatman-Reich et al., Front Comput Neurosci (2010)
- Ludwig et al., J Neurophysiol (2009); 101(3): 1679–89


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