I am trying to find the entire connectivity matrix for the connectome of the roundworm C. elegans. It is a much studied animal, as it features just a handful of neurons in its nervous system, 302 to be axact.

I've been looking forever and have come across this website that seems to have parts of the connectome (131 neurons and 277 neurons), but unfortunately it does not include the full connectome. In the Worm Atlas, under section 2.1 Connectivity Data, it says it has all the data, but it doesn't seem to have the adjacency matrix for the connectome.

If anyone can direct me to a source where I can find a connectivity matrix of the C. elegans connectome that would be a great help to me.


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The full connectome of C. elegans (Fig. 1.) is described by Farber (2012) and as far as I know, the most complete data on C. elegans, including its connectome is available from the OpenWorm Project found here.

connectome C. elegans
Fig. 1. C. elegans connectome. image source: Farber (2012)

- Farber, Sci Am February 2012

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