I am a recovering alcoholic sober 11 month. I do not crave alcohol, or need it anymore. I have adapted skills that I am no longer depressed. but enjoying life again.fun, happy, with good social skills. I have treated myself to a month in Mexico were I have vacationed over 20 years drunk at beachside bars. This first week, I headed to the first bar with a big party crowd. I have met 15+ people of what I used to be like. After 3 day same time they are all drunk and acting crazy. By the time I left all 3 days I could swear I was drunk, lost all inhabitions, over talkative Without any alcohol. Any still no craving.???


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See the placebo effect, it's been known to work in situations right up to double blind studies on dogs. Very weird.

Also, I would guess you would consider yourself a people pleaser? I forget the name of it but there's a phenomenon whereby individuals begin to imitate their cohort (mirroring?, Stockholm effect?)

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you for your response, I wish a few more people would have attempted their thoughts. I'm currently in Mexico on an extended vacation but would like to study this more at a later date. $\endgroup$ – Shavez Mar 11 '17 at 14:39

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