I'm doing a schoolwork about Spiral Dynamics and last part is doing practical research and everything is completed except we yet didnt found any digital platform with which we can conduct our research..,

I would love to hear your recommendations because we are little bit lost with this part of project (still noobies).


One that I used at my university is Qualtrics. It was under the university's license, so I don't know what the costs are for single users. Qualtrics allows you to ask many different types of questions (open ended, likert, option select and more) and can easily export the data to excel files for further processing.

Survey Monkey is another tool that is often used. Basic functions can be used for free, but for more powerful tools you'll need to pay.

Finally, I know of Google Form. Afaik it can be used for free, but I am unaware of their privacy policies (Google tends to collect a lot of data).


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