Is there any way to remove ocular artifacts from an EEG signal, other than applying independent component analysis, or manual rejection?


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According to a review by Croft & Barry (2000), a number of possible methods exist to prevent, or reject ocular artifacts in the EEG;

Prevention/reduction of artifact instances

  • Recording with eyes closed -
    A very effective method, but eye closure alters the EEG, e.g., it increases alpha band activity;
  • Let subjects fixate on a target -
    Method reduces blinks, but does not eliminate them.


  • Exclude trials with amplitudes larger than, e.g., 50 microV -
    Method works only with a trial-based approach; artifacts below criterion level will remain.


  • Subtract a certain standard voltage when an artifact occurs -
    A crude method;
  • Online attenuation of the EEG signal when an artifact is detected -
    Works better as the former technique, but is still crude;
  • Regression techniques where different electrodes are used to estimate the artifact component in other electrodes -
    A more sophisticated method with apparently good results.

For details I refer to Croft & Barry (2000) and the primary literature cited therein.

- Croft & Barry Neurophysiol Clin (2000); 30: 5-19


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