I managed to get myself confused on this one. So I am planning to conduct an experiment within an organization. I want to explore effects of recognition on people's motivation. Recognition will be in a form of personalised recognition letter. Experimental group will receive the letter, control group won't.

I wanted to measure levels of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in both groups prior to the intervention, and then post-intervention.

  • my IVs: intervention/no intervention; time period 1/time period 2
  • my DV: motivation


  • is it independent groups design and I will need factorial ANOVA? Or time doesn't count as a variable?
  • or maybe I don't need to measure motivation levels before at all?
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You could call it a 2 by 2 mixed design where condition is a between-subjects factor and has two levels (intervention, no intervention) and time is a within-subjects factor and has two levels (time 1 and time 2).

Regarding how to analyse this data, check out this question on Best practice when analysing pre-post treatment-control designs.

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