I experience, with infrequency (every year or so), problems identifying specific words as "correct". I will read it, I immediately think it is misspelled, or isn't a word, but then after confirming it is correct, it still temporarily registers as incorrect.

Just now, I had problems recognizing the word "button" was correct. I read it over and over for a minute, searched Google to confirm I didn't go insane, but my brain couldn't recognize the word. It passed after this minute and everything was back to normal.

Context: I was coding in HTML and made a pile of buttons, and I've been using this word repeatedly (although prior occurrences did not occur after repetition). I suddenly though I misspelled every instance of this word, but then realize that was impossible because it was working in the browser I was testing on.

In my previous experience of this, in separate instances, was not able to recognize the word "hour" and "one". I forgot what other words this happened with.

Does anyone know if there is medical term for this type of event?


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