Question 1: Does sleeping at different times daily affect the attention for ADHD and Non ADHD ?

For example let us consider the below scenario,

Day 1 : Sleep time is 1:00 AM

Day 2 : Sleep time is 2:00 AM

Day 3 : Sleep time is 4:00 AM

Day 4 : Sleep time is 12:30 AM

Day 4: Sleep time is 2:00 AM

Do such patterns affect the attention for ADHD people ?

*Note: Provided that the sleep time is 6- 7 hours per day *

Question 2

Can we compromise the lost sleep ?

  • $\begingroup$ The old advice for sanity and health is: "Go to bed the same day you get up." your example goes against that. $\endgroup$ – user9634 Feb 14 '16 at 2:52

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