I heard that gambling tendencies may be inherited from parents. I am not sure about that so I posted this question. Is that true? Has any researches been done on that?


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It could be to some extent, for example, because gambling behaviour is mediated by traits like impulsiveness {1,2} which are heritable {3}.


{1} Steel, Z. and A. Blaszczynski (1998). "Impulsivity, personality disorders and pathological gambling severity." Addiction 93(6): 895-905.

{2} Michalczuk, R., et al. (2011). "Impulsivity and cognitive distortions in pathological gamblers attending the UK National Problem Gambling Clinic: a preliminary report." Psychological Medicine 41(12): 2625-2635.

{3} Bezdjian, S., et al. (2011). "Genetic and environmental influences on impulsivity: A meta-analysis of twin, family and adoption studies." Clinical psychology review 31(7): 1209-1223.


Besides any brain markers that might say "yes", there is a huge amount of influence on upbringing. How parents behave and the way they look at "chance/risk" in life can affect how a child might be raised. Addictive personalities breed addictive traights in others such as overeating.


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