I am writing an article about a computational method, which is relatively widely used in a small subfield of neuroscience (it is easy to identify ~20 recent articles that used it in 2013-2015).

The results I have are a set of small improvements but interesting anyway (at least in my opinion), so the paper will be a short one, perhaps around 2000 words (+ 1 or 2 figures and about 30 references). The results are purely mathematical; no data was collected.

Where could I publish my findings? I feel the upper-tier journals (with impact factors > 5 or so) might not be interested since the paper is so short (their typical paper lengths are 10+ pages). The top journals (e.g Nat Neurosci) of course publish brief reports but my findings are probably not that important.

Any suggestions where to submit?

  • $\begingroup$ If you have money for the publication and depending on the actual content, PLOS One, PLOS Computational Biology, or Frontiers in Neuroscience (note that frontiers is currently somewhat loosing reputation) could work. Alternatively, Behavior Research Methods might be an outlet, but I am not sure how open they are to Neuroscience (as I am not a neurscience person I post this as a comment instead a response). $\endgroup$
    – Henrik
    Sep 17 '15 at 21:38

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