I’m thinking about introducing to my practice some new tests for family relationship evaluation. There are not so many projective tests in this matter. I'm particularly interested in Family Relation Test: Children’s Version (FRTC), however, I couldn’t found any information about a real experience of this test usage by specialists, only its general description on the website of a publisher. What are the strengths and the weaknesses of FRTC?

In general, what projective tests for a child and family assessment are there on the market today, except of classic drawing tests or TAT?


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Many projective tests explore family relationships, however it is frankly difficult to find projective tests exclusively focused on family relationships, can be proved:

  • The Family Drawing Test (the most utilized).
  • CAT (version of TAT for children) very, but very used.
  • Test by Patte Noire of Louis Corman.
  • FTT Riding theory test of Carina Coulacoglou.
  • Test of Luisa Düss.
  • TRO of Phillipson (officially focused on a person's ability to establish satisfying relationships with others, emotions in relationships)

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