I'm currently reading about executive control, a lot of papers (e.g. Kane and Engle 2002) discuss general fluid intelligence but don't explain it. What is general fluid intelligence?


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Just did some more reading, going to answer my own question:

Fluid intelligence (Gf) refers to mental operations that an individual uses when faced with a relatively novel task that cannot be performed automatically. Inductive and deductive reasoning are generally thought to be the hallmark narrow-ability indicators of Gf. Examples of Gf abilities are: Induction, Pigatian Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Speed of Reasoning.

By comparison Crystallized Intelligence (Gc):

Gc refers to the breadth and depth of a persons acquired knowledge, and the application of this knowledge. Examples of Gc abilities are: Language Development, Lexical Knowledge, General Information, Information about Culture, General Science Information, Communication Abilities etc..

Reference: Reynolds, C. R., & Fletcher-Janzen, E. (2007). Encyclopedia of Special Education (Vol. 1). Wiley.

If anyone has anything better or more to add, please do.


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