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Oct 15 '14 at 6:41 comment added user6682 The heart is as relevant as any of your other muscles for emotional processes - so it is not really relevant to the cognitive sciences. Basically, it's just an organ to pump blood (and a symptom of certain emotional states).
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Oct 14 '14 at 18:34 comment added Adnan Ali Let me make it more clear, Is there any space for heart in cognitive sciences ? or its just an organ to pump blood?
Oct 14 '14 at 13:30 comment added hhh Or are you asking the symbolism of heart ❤️? Many symbolism such as care, long-lasting, empathy, love and so on are related to emotions. If you think two people hugging/kissing each other or being very close, their outline in a way forms a heart -- does it explain the origin or feelings associated with it? Attachement, feeling of belonging.
Oct 14 '14 at 12:43 comment added Lazaros Mitskopoulos Are you asking for a link between the function of the heart and cognitive function or affect? Your question might be related to this m.pnas.org/content/111/2/646 Take a look..
Oct 14 '14 at 12:23 comment added Krysta Welcome to cogsci.SE! I'm not sure what you're asking--are you asking what changes in heartbeat can tell us about emotion?
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