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Top new questions this week:

What is the difference between "avolition" and "abulia"

The Wikipedia articles are confusing especially the first one If you google "abulia avolition" the first entry (&...

terminology psychiatry  
user avatar asked by Hey Score of 4

How do SSRIs interact with MDMA?

I'm not sure if I understand the synergetic effects of MDMA and SSRIs correctly. According to PMC81503 "It is clear, however, that the increase in the net release of serotonin (and possibly ...

drugs neuro-transmitters serotonin  
user avatar asked by Moritz Roessler Score of 2

How is the noise covariance matrix computed and why is it a good measure of sensor reliability?

When using minimum norm methods for source estimation (in the case of EEG), which is to say going from the signal at the recording sites on the scalp to the signals in source space, i.e. equivalent ...

neuroscience eeg  
user avatar asked by David Cian Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between a bias and a heuristic explained in layman terms?

Can anyone explain the difference in a way which can be explained to some one who does not a have a clue about psychology? May be examples could help.

bias behavior  
user avatar asked by Ayush Garg Score of 2
user avatar answered by faustus Score of 7

What brain wave states are associated with hypnosis?

What brain wave states are most correlated with deep hypnosis?

cognitive-neuroscience hypnosis  
user avatar asked by user242509 Score of 7
user avatar answered by Christian Hummeluhr Score of 8

Why do people want what they don't have now?

There are many examples of people wanting what they don't have. For example, a single man may want to have a girlfriend, but after some time of having a girlfriend, he may want to be single again. Or ...

social-psychology emotion motivation consumer-psychology  
user avatar asked by tsykora Score of 15
user avatar answered by Sai Krishna Score of 0

Why is the sound of running water soothing?

What is it about the sound of running water that soothes the brain and the soul? This is what I found on the internet: Our species evolved where trees met savannahs and where freshwater sources ...

perception emotion brain-training hearing  
user avatar asked by Sufiyan Ghori Score of 5
user avatar answered by Doctor David Anderson Score of 7

Why do we wake up when we die in our dreams?

A lot of people had some experience with dying in their dreams. They all confirm they remember the whole story until the precise moment of death and it is the death itself what woke them up - not ...

consciousness sleep dreams  
user avatar asked by vojta Score of 12
user avatar answered by HarrisR Score of 13

What is the relationship between identity and personality?

I would like to know whether identity and personality are the same thing, as they both answer the question of who you are. Nevertheless in a cognitive approach, identity is considered a part of ...

cognitive-neuroscience personality  
user avatar asked by Inés P. Romero Score of 2
user avatar answered by Mike Kuplevatsky Score of 1

Why do people suddenly look back if you look at them for a while?

You possibly are familiar with the following situation, I do not know if this is a researched phenomena or not however. You look straight at somebody for some time and suddenly, even though he or she ...

cognitive-psychology social-psychology  
user avatar asked by Jakob Abfalter Score of 16
user avatar answered by Eoin Score of 15

Can you answer this question?

How is the distinction between discrete and continuous materialized in the brain

It's generally admitted that some things are continuous (e.g. quantity of water, the length of a stick) whereas some other are not (how many oranges do I have in my bag?). In mathematics, discrete ...

cognitive-neuroscience brain mathematical-ability  
user avatar asked by Weier Score of 1
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