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Top new questions this week:

What is the term used to describe a situation where person doesnt know that he/she actually knows something?

I was watching "Molly's Game" where a conversation between Molly and her psychologist dad appear in later life of Molly (Molly didnt have very good relationship with her dad and wanted to ...

social-psychology abnormal-psychology  
asked by gfdsal 2 votes

What are higher-level and lower-level brain functions?

The human brain can be described as a "Russian nesting doll" in the sense that the most ancient areas of the brain responsible for lower functions are located at its centre while newer ...

neuroscience cognitive-neuroscience terminology brain neuroanatomy  
asked by Prithvi Ramrucha 2 votes
answered by AliceD 3 votes

Resources on understanding the Orchestrated objective reduction

I was trying to understand the mathematics behind the theory of Orchestrated objective reduction, and clearly, first I read the original paper of Penrose & Hameroff. Then I tried some other ...

perception consciousness  
asked by Amirhosein Rezaee 2 votes

Are the personality tests (specifically, the big five test) in open source psychometric project reliable?

Are the personality tests (specifically, the big five test) in open source psychometric project reliable? Link :

asked by James 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Personality traits associated with finishing other people's sentences?

I read in a North American undergrad psychology textbook, that people who tend to finish another's sentences tend to be emotionally intense. I think "emotionally intense" is the wording that they used....

social-psychology reference-request emotion personality  
asked by NiteCyper 3 votes
answered by Berit Larsen 1 vote

How are Raven's Matrices scores converted into age-adjusted IQ?

There are IQ tests based only on Raven's matrices. I wonder how a raw score on such a test is "scaled" to an IQ result. As we all know, IQ results depend on the age of individual tested. So ...

intelligence test iq  
asked by xemlmrx 10 votes
answered by ICanFeelIt 7 votes

What brain wave states are associated with hypnosis?

What brain wave states are most correlated with deep hypnosis?

cognitive-neuroscience hypnosis  
asked by user242509 8 votes
answered by Christian Hummeluhr 8 votes

If babies were isolated, would they develop their own language?

Let’s say that two or more babies/infants from the age of 0 were put in an environment without the affection of adults to teach them how to speak. Would the babies after 13 or so years develop their ...

learning developmental-psychology language nature-nurture  
asked by John 51 votes
answered by Arnon Weinberg 53 votes

What is the definition of sanity? How can I prove someone either sane or insane?

In my experience the definition of insanity is thus: Insanity: The state of being seriously mentally ill, mad, and/or irrational. Is there a proper scientific definition of this term? While ...

abnormal-psychology terminology rationality  
asked by Gordon Gustafson 7 votes
answered by Ben Brocka 17 votes

Why does the the sight of gore causes nausea, vomiting and/or fainting?

Why is it that upon seeing anything the involves gore, e.g.: surgical cutting excessive blood blood and pain causes nausea, vomiting or fainting? And why does watching it repeatedly take away that ...

perception learning habituation  
asked by Bleeding Fingers 5 votes
answered by Nick Stauner 5 votes

Are brain waves electromagnetic waves?

Depending upon its activity, the brain emits waves, which represent the summation of individual neurons firing. Are these waves electromagnetic waves?

terminology eeg electrophysiology brain-waves meg  
asked by akm 13 votes
answered by Robin Kramer 14 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is there an upper bound on signals ascending from the sensory nerves through the medulla?

I'm starting to go down a research path related to haptic and embodied cognition. Though I haven't taken a deep dive into neuroanatomy (only a 300 level undergrad cognitive neuroscience course's worth ...

cognitive-neuroscience perception neuroanatomy sensation awareness  
asked by instroyer 1 vote

Update list of the most used and reliable quantitative tests in Psychology

I studied Psychology some years ago, and well, I ended up as a programmer. Now, I'm working on a personal side project to build an API to serve correction for different psychology tests. Since I moved ...

measurement test  
asked by Roma 1 vote
answered by Tony Mobbs 0 votes
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