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Top new questions this week:

The unpredictable loading bar -- or, the slot machine effect

Say we A-B tested user reactions to completing some task (e.g. transferring files, restarting their device): would people be quicker to get impatient/ annoyed if they got random percentages as ...

perception time slot-machine  
asked by Anya Pechkina 4 votes
answered by Arnon Weinberg 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between pre-synaptic versus post-synaptic?

As a non-specialist, I am unclear as to the exact meaning of the terms pre-synaptic and post-synaptic. Specifically, do they refer to the same neuron, either transmitting or receiving, before and ...

neuroscience neurophysiology  
asked by z8080 9 votes
answered by AliceD 14 votes

How can reaction times be measured, and what affects it?

I was playing pinball the other day, and I wasn't doing very well - my reactions were far too slow it seemed. My question is - Firstly - how can someone's reactivity measured/determined? I imagine ...

asked by dwjohnston 2 votes
answered by AliceD 4 votes

What is the meaningful difference between someone with a 145 IQ compared to a 100 IQ?

I am a lay person and new to this, and while I do understand that 145 IQ means 3 SDs up from the mean, I want to have a rough idea of what it means in real-life examples, from people who have ...

intelligence iq  
asked by Enne 14 votes
answered by Jeromy Anglim 12 votes

What is the difference between Megalomania and Narcissism?

As far as I can tell, both megalomania and narcissism are found in [delusions of] grandiosity. Perhaps megalomania has more focus on power, rather than just being well liked? What is the primary ...

asked by galois 8 votes

Why does the the sight of gore causes nausea, vomiting and/or fainting?

Why is it that upon seeing anything the involves gore, e.g.: surgical cutting excessive blood blood and pain causes nausea, vomiting or fainting? And why does watching it repeatedly take away that ...

perception learning habituation  
asked by Bleeding Fingers 5 votes
answered by Nick Stauner 5 votes

Is it possible to run multiple thought processes concurrently?

For example, let's say I have a friend sprinting a 50m distance and that friend wants me to time the race, but I don't have a stopwatch so I have to count "manually". Can I count while simultaneously ...

cognitive-psychology philosophy-of-mind consciousness  
asked by pasawaya 19 votes
answered by schultem 12 votes

Why don't people read instructions?

Some people are very careless when reading instruction on a work task they've been given or in reading any other kind of text. They would skip some of the sentences, not get deep into other and ...

cognitive-psychology motivation intelligence reading human-factors  
asked by drabsv 10 votes
answered by Jeromy Anglim 8 votes
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