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Top new questions this week:

Does ADHD conduce to browser "tab hoarding"?

While reading an article about an extreme (and puzzling) case of so-called "tab hoarding" (the tendency to accumulate lots of tabs in one's web browser), I stumbled upon an insightful ...

user avatar asked by Philippe Cloutier Score of 2

What is it called when a group generates prose by voting on each new character?

Claude Shannon's "Prediction and Entropy of Printed English" describes a group of people predicting the next character of prose given the text leading up to that character. The more ...

social-psychology language social-cognition group  
user avatar asked by James Bowery Score of 1

'You spot it, you got it': is this backed by science?

I learnt the terminology "What you spot is what you've got". For example: You Spot It, You Got It- Recognizing Your Undesirable Traits Projection: What You Spot Is What You've Got This ...

social-psychology belief  
user avatar asked by dodo Score of 1

Is there any therapy techniques or research that are based off of Spinoza's ideas? If so what are they?

In part 5 of ethics he writes about how to manage or overcome emotions. Supposedly he proves that these propositions are true based off of axioms / definitions. And I’m curious if there are therapy ...

cognitive-therapy emotion-focused-therapy  
user avatar asked by Eric Gumba Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between hypnosis and meditation?

It seems that many people say that hypnosis and meditation are very similar. But what are their key differences (both in a soft and hard way)?

meditation hypnosis  
user avatar asked by proton Score of 11
user avatar answered by BillW Score of 5

Why do people want what they don't have now?

There are many examples of people wanting what they don't have. For example, a single man may want to have a girlfriend, but after some time of having a girlfriend, he may want to be single again. Or ...

social-psychology emotion motivation consumer-psychology  
user avatar asked by tsykora Score of 15
user avatar answered by Sai Krishna Score of 0

What is the meaningful difference between someone with a 145 IQ compared to a 100 IQ?

I am a lay person and new to this, and while I do understand that 145 IQ means 3 SDs up from the mean, I want to have a rough idea of what it means in real-life examples, from people who have ...

intelligence iq  
user avatar asked by Enne Score of 16
user avatar answered by Jeromy Anglim Score of 13

What are the real life applications for Probability Learning?

Probability learning is a principle that states probability of a response tends to match the probability of the reinforcement. How does one achieve such rationality under uncertainty? What are the ...

cognitive-psychology cognitive-modeling statistics  
user avatar asked by peep Score of 7
user avatar answered by BrianH Score of 4

Does masturbation affect brain in long term?

I am interested in knowing. Does masturbation (once daily) affect the brain negatively in terms of: Memory and concentration skills during the long term ? Does it affect it in the short term? After ...

developmental-psychology sexuality brain-development  
user avatar asked by New one Score of 11

Does evidence support Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs (shown below) is a popular concept and is often taught in basic psychology courses, and often less objectively taught in Business and Marketing courses. A common problem ...

cognitive-psychology motivation  
user avatar asked by Zelda Score of 60
user avatar answered by Richard Score of 40

Is Maslow's hierarchy of needs really accurate at labeling sex as a physiological "need"?

Is Maslow's hierarchy of needs really accurate at labeling sex as a physiological "need"? If so, would that mean that single/celibate people cannot live self-actualized lives unless they have some ...

sexuality physiology  
user avatar asked by xwb Score of 9
user avatar answered by jsakaluk Score of 9
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