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Understanding the difference between stress and anxiety with goal directed behaviour

I'm currently writing a paper and one of the points is about cognitive performance being impeded on in general anxiety disorder patients. The issue I have is that I found a great paper: The stressed ...

behavior stress anxiety  
asked by Jim stoke Score of 3

How does acute tryptophan depletion work?

The literature online about this practice is very poor. The theory goes like this: A mix of amino acids that does not include tryptophan will lower the proportion of tryptophan in the bloodstream. ...

neuroscience neuro-transmitters experimental-neuroscience serotonin  
asked by JClaussFTW Score of 1
answered by Bryan Krause Score of 0

Term for how anxiety makes people think abnormally?

For a paper I'm writing, I want to make a point about how anxiety changes the way people think - i.e., the same person in the same situation might think differently depending on whether or not they ...

emotion terminology abnormal-psychology clinical-psychology anxiety  
asked by Jim stoke Score of 1
answered by Arnon Weinberg Score of 1

What is Incestuous Resistances?

The context of the question is given below: As she preferred to follow the hidden presentiments of puberty rather than her duties towards the school and her teacher, she allowed her libido to fall on ...

sexuality psychoanalysis jung freud  
asked by Consider Non-Trivial Cases Score of 1

Right Attitude toward Reality is Way of Concrete Sexuality

I am reading an old pdf copy of The Theory of Psychoanalysis, By C. G. JUNG and trying to understand the following: This is the misunderstanding fallen into by so many neurotic people, who believe ...

developmental-psychology sexuality psychoanalysis jung  
asked by Consider Non-Trivial Cases Score of 1
answered by Bryan Krause Score of 1

How do sensations differ from each other?

The sensation of tough material and soft material is not the same but in both senses, sensory cells are the same. How do these two sensations differ from each other? Does this information carried like ...

asked by Ekrem_Abi Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

If babies were isolated, would they develop their own language?

Let’s say that two or more babies/infants from the age of 0 were put in an environment without the affection of adults to teach them how to speak. Would the babies after 13 or so years develop their ...

learning developmental-psychology language nature-nurture  
asked by John Score of 57
answered by Arnon Weinberg Score of 57

Why do you sometimes write down one word while actually intending to write another?

I've caught myself writing (typing) "possible" instead of "possibly" a few times over the past few days, while I do intend to write "possibly". Only upon rereading the sentence I notice my mistake. ...

cognitive-psychology language writing  
asked by Steven Jeuris Score of 32
answered by Jeff Score of 15

Why does a person feel sad without knowing the reason?

I have known people to behave in a way they despise, and they don't know why.

emotion clinical-psychology  
asked by user5402 Score of 9
answered by Arnon Weinberg Score of 11

Are brain waves electromagnetic waves?

Depending upon its activity, the brain emits waves, which represent the summation of individual neurons firing. Are these waves electromagnetic waves?

terminology eeg electrophysiology brain-waves meg  
asked by akm Score of 13
answered by Robin Kramer Score of 16

What is the definition of sanity? How can I prove someone either sane or insane?

In my experience the definition of insanity is thus: Insanity: The state of being seriously mentally ill, mad, and/or irrational. Is there a proper scientific definition of this term? While ...

abnormal-psychology terminology rationality  
asked by Gordon Gustafson Score of 7
answered by Ben Brocka Score of 17

Can sleep become addictive?

Can a person become dependent on sleeping (more than they otherwise physically need) in a way that fits the definition of addiction, in the same way some psychology professionals may describe a person ...

sleep addiction  
asked by Nicole Score of 15
answered by PheonixEnder Score of 10

How are Raven's Matrices scores converted into age-adjusted IQ?

There are IQ tests based only on Raven's matrices. I wonder how a raw score on such a test is "scaled" to an IQ result. As we all know, IQ results depend on the age of individual tested. So ...

intelligence test iq  
asked by xemlmrx Score of 9
answered by ICanFeelIt Score of 8

Can you answer this question?

Why is it so hard to forget an information represented in a procedural memory

It is relatively easy to forget an information in declarative memory but its hard to forget behavioural habits such as driving car, cycling etc. These memories are both long-term memory but why is it ...

psychology cognitive  
asked by Burak Score of 1
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