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Top new questions this week:

Is there a neurological difference between someone experiencing a "normal" trauma response, and someone with PTSD? Or are they on the same continuum?

I've been reading Dr. Bessel van der Kolk's book The Body Keeps the Score. Dr. Van der Kolk describes how, in people with PTSD, the brain actually undergoes changes in response to trauma. Their ...

brain neurology ptsd trauma  
asked by actuallyaplant 3 votes
answered by Bruce Kirkpatrick 1 vote

Is survival instinct trained from pain or born with?

So are instincts such as not touching fire or don’t touch sharp points trained out because we felt pain from them first (or heard it’ll bring pain from other)? Or are those instinct born with us?

learning survival  
asked by Andrew.Wolphoe 1 vote
answered by AivanF. 0 votes

What does "oddly related" mean in a mental status exam?

Mental Status Exams done by psychiatrists often include a description of the "relatedness" of a patient. Sometimes, patients are described as "oddly related." What is ...

asked by D.Tan 1 vote
answered by Chris Rogers 0 votes

Why have we not yet mastered our understanding of the Placebo effect?

The Placebo effect states that if you and I are both surgeons and we have 10 alike patients each who are in need of knee surgery's, that if you go and do your operations by the book, and I on the ...

cognitive-psychology measurement behavioral-economics placebo  
asked by Scott Bruno 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between RR-intervals and NN-intervals in HRV-data?

Heart rate variability (HRV) is often used as a measure of the sympathetic nervous system. One way to quantify HRV is by calculating the Inter-beat interval (IBI), also referred to as the RR-interval. ...

methodology data workload heart-rate-variability ecg  
asked by Robin Kramer 7 votes
answered by Robin Kramer 3 votes

What test could I use to measure the short-term memory capacity of a group of people?

I want to start a project about the best schedules for learning activities focused on college students. Since sleeping patterns are totally different in a young adult/teenager, and many of the classes ...

learning memory test  
asked by Alicia 2 votes
answered by Ofri Raviv 3 votes

Can sleep become addictive?

Can a person become dependent on sleeping (more than they otherwise physically need) in a way that fits the definition of addiction, in the same way some psychology professionals may describe a person ...

sleep addiction  
asked by Nicole 14 votes
answered by PheonixEnder 10 votes

Are brain waves electromagnetic waves?

Depending upon its activity, the brain emits waves, which represent the summation of individual neurons firing. Are these waves electromagnetic waves?

terminology eeg electrophysiology brain-waves meg  
asked by akm 11 votes
answered by Robin Kramer 13 votes

What is the definition of sanity? How can I prove someone either sane or insane?

In my experience the definition of insanity is thus: Insanity: The state of being seriously mentally ill, mad, and/or irrational. Is there a proper scientific definition of this term? While ...

abnormal-psychology terminology rationality  
asked by Gordon Gustafson 7 votes
answered by Ben Brocka 17 votes

Is there a correlation between EQ (EI) and IQ?

Is there a correlation, positive or negative, between emotional intelligence and IQ?

intelligence emotion  
asked by Philip Seyfi 7 votes
answered by Jeromy Anglim 13 votes

Why are some people good at algebra and bad at geometry and vice versa?

I've met people who say they did very well in algebra but were terrible at geometry in high school and some people who say they did very well in geometry but were terrible at algebra in high school. ...

asked by Craig Feinstein 3 votes
answered by ICanFeelIt 3 votes
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