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Top new questions this week:

Possible explanation for patterns of dementia progression?

(I'm asking this question as a lay-person with respect to neurobiology, so apologies if it lacks rigour.) Dementia progression is different for each individual, but it seems like there are some ...

neuroscience pathology alzheimer dementia  
user avatar asked by Stidgeon Score of 3

What is the status of Cognitive Load Theory?

I'm relatively new to cognitive psychology. I read Anderson's Cognitive Psychology and its implications and found it extraordinary, but then again, I'm only a beginner. I noticed that Anderson does ...

psycholinguistics cognitive-load  
user avatar asked by yannis Score of 2

Transplant patients experiencing changes in preferences to match their donors

Similar to Where exactly do Emotions and Feelings arise in the human body?, I have been hearing of a phenomenon where transplant patients have been experiencing changes in preferences to match their ...

neuroscience emotion memory brain preferences  
user avatar asked by Chris Rogers Score of 2

What are the best questionnaires to measure stress before and after use of VR application?

I am making a VR application for my master thesis where people enter a virtual "rage room". I want to check if enhancing VR with the use of haptic feedback, gloves in this case, helps to ...

user avatar asked by FlorNeufkens Score of 1

What are the most important personality traits in predicting career success?

What are the most important personality traits in predicting career success? IQ has been found to be the most important factor in predicting career success (CNBC interview of John Antonakis): ″[IQ is]...

user avatar asked by Starckman Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does masturbation in men negatively affect cognitive processes?

Gary Wilson has mentioned that porn and masturbation is an addiction that negatively affect mental performance. Moreover, there is some "pseudo-science" claiming that abstaining from masturbation ...

intelligence performance personality  
user avatar asked by NebulousReveal Score of 12
user avatar answered by Alex Stone Score of 9

Curt Richter's rat hope experiment: Why did the first nine rats survive for days?

I can understand the part that the experimenter saved the rat just before it was about to die and then the rat lasted longer for the next drowning. But I do not understand what it means that before ...

experimental-psychology animal-cognition  
user avatar asked by Damn Vegetables Score of 4
user avatar answered by Chris Rogers Score of 3

What is the relationship between identity and personality?

I would like to know whether identity and personality are the same thing, as they both answer the question of who you are. Nevertheless in a cognitive approach, identity is considered a part of ...

cognitive-neuroscience personality  
user avatar asked by Inés P. Romero Score of 2
user avatar answered by Mike Kuplevatsky Score of 1

Why do people laugh in serious situations?

I've seen people (including myself) that laugh for no apparent reason in really serious situations, such as in an argument or when receiving bad news. Although the other party is clearly very upset, ...

social-psychology emotion physiology humour  
user avatar asked by Eric B Score of 20
user avatar answered by New Alexandria Score of 2

When we are sad, why do we feel pain in our stomachs?

I thought everything is in the brain. Why do we feel pain in our stomachs when we are sad?

emotion pain  
user avatar asked by user4951 Score of 4
user avatar answered by Nick Stauner Score of 10

Why are some people unable to easily memorize the lyrics to a song?

Although I have listened some songs hundred of times I can't sing the lyrics to any of these songs from beginning to end without pauses. However I am able to whistle the whole song without difficulty. ...

user avatar asked by Özgür Score of 13
user avatar answered by Jeromy Anglim Score of 14

Why is the sound of running water soothing?

What is it about the sound of running water that soothes the brain and the soul? This is what I found on the internet: Our species evolved where trees met savannahs and where freshwater sources ...

perception emotion brain-training hearing  
user avatar asked by Sufiyan Ghori Score of 5
user avatar answered by Doctor David Anderson Score of 7
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