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Top new questions this week:

What underlying psychological mechanisms could cause a person or a group to experience the bandwagon effect?

People in a target audience are likely to experience the bandwagon effect [1] because they rely on others' assessment of information. Overall, taking advantage of the bandwagon effect can be ...

cognitive-psychology bias artificial-intelligence hci  
asked by Francisco Maria Calisto 3 votes

Practice effects on IQ test that are similar but not identical

I'm a 17 year old male and recently I became obsessed with IQ and cognitive testing. I try to find reliable tests (ie. Xavier Jouve's TRI-52, the Mensa workouts, SACFT, ICAR16, ICAR60, SIFTER IQ) and ...

asked by Bithov Vinu 2 votes

Can stress situations force people to smile?

I've seen many times in my life how people occasionally smile when trying to remain calm under huge stress regarding natural disasters, deaths, big losses, etc. It happened to me also. Everything I ...

asked by Slaus 1 vote
answered by Chris Rogers 2 votes

Do different ethnic groups have the same standard deviation of the IQ distribution?

There is a lot of research suggesting that different ethnic groups either within US or worldwide if all plotted together would have distributions of IQ with different averages. The reasons for that ...

cognitive-psychology measurement intelligence statistics iq  
asked by chugeth 1 vote

Using multilevel modeling to assess gender differences in intervention effects of an RCT, and how to look at mechanisms of change

I'm looking for some help here - so I'm a grad student and stats newbie (but trying to move on from newbie status!) and attempting to figure out how to conduct the analyses I'm interested in but I'm ...

experimental-psychology statistics  
asked by Katie 1 vote
answered by Bryan Krause 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What was the experiment where you pour liquid from a tall container to a short one and ask a child which has more?

From Developmental psychology 101 I remember an experiment where the person conducting the experiment would pour liquid from a tall, narrow container into a short, narrow container and ask a child if ...

terminology developmental-psychology experimental-psychology  
asked by Josh 18 votes
answered by Ben Brocka 17 votes

Are brain waves electromagnetic waves?

Depending upon its activity, the brain emits waves, which represent the summation of individual neurons firing. Are these waves electromagnetic waves?

terminology eeg electrophysiology brain-waves meg  
asked by akm 13 votes
answered by Robin Kramer 15 votes

How to calculate IQ from bhatia battery test?

How to find out IQ from bhatia battery test? Suppose time for each of the 5 subtests is noted down. What are the steps to reach at an IQ value from here?

measurement intelligence  
asked by user4883 3 votes
answered by Jeromy Anglim 7 votes

What is the difference between a bias and a heuristic explained in layman terms?

Can anyone explain the difference in a way which can be explained to some one who does not a have a clue about psychology? May be examples could help.

bias behavior  
asked by Ayush Garg 1 vote
answered by faustus 6 votes

Why are some people unable to easily memorize the lyrics to a song?

Although I have listened some songs hundred of times I can't sing the lyrics to any of these songs from beginning to end without pauses. However I am able to whistle the whole song without difficulty. ...

asked by Özgür 13 votes
answered by Jeromy Anglim 14 votes

What are the real life applications for Probability Learning?

Probability learning is a principle that states probability of a response tends to match the probability of the reinforcement. How does one achieve such rationality under uncertainty? What are the ...

cognitive-psychology cognitive-modeling statistics  
asked by peep 7 votes
answered by BrianH 4 votes

To what extent is time to complete an intelligence test incorporated into the IQ score?

In this previous question on scoring IQ tests the OP asked about the effect of speed of test, but it was a bit peripheral to the core question. So I thought I'd ask it as a separate question. To ...

measurement intelligence test  
asked by Jeromy Anglim 12 votes
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