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Top new questions this week:

What is the conceptual difference between causal inference and 'prediction'

Unifying brain theories of cortical function often describe the brain as a prediction machine, based on a generative model (given X, what's the probability of Y). In this context, from Bayesian ...

perception attention sensory-perception bayesian temporal-context  
asked by user2305193 4 votes
answered by user2305193 0 votes

Is it possible to get good hallucination while suffering from schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia : A disorder that affects a person's ability to think, feel and behave clearly. The exact cause of schizophrenia isn't known, but a combination of genetics, environment and altered brain ...

neuroscience schizophrenia hallucinations  
asked by Dark Knight 2 votes
answered by Psychm 2 votes

Is anyone here familiar with techniques and/or equipment for performing cerebrospinal fluid transfusions?

I am with the University of Texas at Dallas and we are looking to put together a lab assessing the benefits that may be associated with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) transfusions in Alzheimer's disease ...

asked by Jordan Hess 2 votes

Mapping FreeSurfer region numbers to GIFNiftyNet numbers

I'm trying to measure the DICE coefficient of brain segmentations by a highresnet model. For my ground truth, I'm using FreeSurfer segmentations. There is some overlap between the regions used by ...

asked by Paul Reiners 1 vote

Is the displacement of frustration a studied phenomenon?

I'm currently looking into frustration-aggression theory. There is a lot of ancillary research on the displacement of the aggression generated via this theory, but I'm trying to find research on the ...

terminology psychoanalysis  
asked by H Huang 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Personality traits associated with finishing other people's sentences?

I read in a North American undergrad psychology textbook, that people who tend to finish another's sentences tend to be emotionally intense. I think "emotionally intense" is the wording that they used....

social-psychology reference-request emotion personality  
asked by NiteCyper 3 votes
answered by Berit Larsen 1 vote

Within psychiatry, how is homosexuality discussed or classified?

I acknowledge the fact that we currently don't understand the causes of homosexuality nearly well enough, but I have read about the following points: That homosexuality may not be a choice and could ...

sexuality personality-disorder  
asked by Charlie 15 votes
answered by mflo-ByeSE 6 votes

If babies were isolated, would they develop their own language?

Let’s say that two or more babies/infants from the age of 0 were put in an environment without the affection of adults to teach them how to speak. Would the babies after 13 or so years develop their ...

learning developmental-psychology language nature-nurture  
asked by John 52 votes
answered by Arnon Weinberg 54 votes

Can sleep become addictive?

Can a person become dependent on sleeping (more than they otherwise physically need) in a way that fits the definition of addiction, in the same way some psychology professionals may describe a person ...

sleep addiction  
asked by Nicole 15 votes
answered by PheonixEnder 10 votes

What is the role of Chloride (Cl- ions) in membrane potential?

This Membrane Potential article mentions only that Cl- ion is used to model inhibitory GABA synapses. Does it have another role besides hyper-polarizing the cell due to inhibitory neurotransmitter ...

neuroscience computational-modeling electrophysiology  
asked by Justas 4 votes
answered by xelo747 3 votes

Why is the sound of running water soothing?

What is it about the sound of running water that soothes the brain and the soul? This is what I found on the internet: Our species evolved where trees met savannahs and where freshwater sources ...

perception emotion brain-training audition  
asked by Sufiyan Ghori 5 votes
answered by Doctor David Anderson 7 votes

How are Raven's Matrices scores converted into age-adjusted IQ?

There are IQ tests based only on Raven's matrices. I wonder how a raw score on such a test is "scaled" to an IQ result. As we all know, IQ results depend on the age of individual tested. So ...

intelligence test iq  
asked by xemlmrx 9 votes
answered by ICanFeelIt 7 votes
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