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Top new questions this week:

Can some people be selectively psycopathic/sociopathic towards a specific race/ethnicity of people?

Psycopaths tend to display remorselessbess while normal people don't. But imagine 18th century USA, where Slaves were considered lower than animals. Or consider, a modern day college group, where ...

cognitive-psychology social-psychology personality evolutionary-psychology  
user avatar asked by Abhay Score of 2
user avatar answered by Amer Al-Amry Score of -1

What is meant by "swallowing of a stereotype"?

In Gestalt Therapy, when describing an adjustment in the field of psychotherpay, the authors write, Unfortunately, the “adjustment” of much psychotherapy, the “conforming to the reality-principle,” ...

user avatar asked by aryzing Score of 2

What is this condition where you imagine a string retracing your path in space and that you feel compelled to untangle?

There is a special condition of some people where they imagine a thread that retraces the path where they have been before and feel compelled to not entangle it. They feel compelled to leave a place ...

behavior compulsive  
user avatar asked by Florian F Score of 1
user avatar answered by user31601 Score of 0

Mushin - Enormous improve state of controlled subconscious mind

Mushin in Japanese and Wuxin in Chinese (無心 "no mind") is a mental state. Zen and Daoist meditators attempt to reach this state, as well as artists and trained martial artists. They also ...

user avatar asked by Banana Tech Score of 1

punishment vs. negative reinforcement

I'm having trouble understanding negative reinforcement because from different POVs, it just seems like punishment My teacher gave the example of the seatbelt alarm in the car that sounds off when you ...

behavior conditioning reinforcement-learning  
user avatar asked by Nicholas Hansen-Feruch Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why would the brain flip the images perceived by your eyes?

The following is a common scientific statement, which you don't have to google long for to find: The eye views images upside-down in the manner of a camera lens, but our brains reinterpret this ...

neuroscience vision theoretical-neuroscience philosophy-of-mind  
user avatar asked by Steven Jeuris Score of 46
user avatar answered by Artem Kaznatcheev Score of 46

Why are some people good at algebra and bad at geometry and vice versa?

I've met people who say they did very well in algebra but were terrible at geometry in high school and some people who say they did very well in geometry but were terrible at algebra in high school. ...

user avatar asked by Craig Feinstein Score of 3
user avatar answered by ICanFeelIt Score of 4

How long does physical attraction typically last in a permanent relationship?

How long, on average (and with as much other statistical data, e.g. standard deviation, as possible) does physical attraction between male and female in a permanent relationship last? I believe this ...

social-psychology statistics sexuality physical-attraction  
user avatar asked by Quinn Culver Score of 4

Why does repeating one word over and over again sound weird to us after some time?

This effect seems to be observed with almost any word. I would say this phenomenon 'works' for longer and complex words better. When we repeat a word over and over again, it starts to sound very ...

cognitive-psychology language  
user avatar asked by tsykora Score of 14
user avatar answered by Krysta Score of 14

Why do people want what they don't have now?

There are many examples of people wanting what they don't have. For example, a single man may want to have a girlfriend, but after some time of having a girlfriend, he may want to be single again. Or ...

social-psychology emotion motivation consumer-psychology  
user avatar asked by tsykora Score of 15
user avatar answered by Sai Krishna Score of 0

What test could I use to measure the short-term memory capacity of a group of people?

I want to start a project about the best schedules for learning activities focused on college students. Since sleeping patterns are totally different in a young adult/teenager, and many of the classes ...

learning memory test  
user avatar asked by Alicia Score of 2
user avatar answered by Ofri Raviv Score of 3

Does writing something down help memorize it?

This is a question inspired by this recent question on the Chinese Language & Usage website. Someone asked why they needed to learn how to write Chinese characters, since today we mostly use ...

cognitive-psychology memory writing encoding  
user avatar asked by laurent Score of 71
user avatar answered by Ben Brocka Score of 68

Can you answer these questions?

Epigenetic heritable pathways in ADHD

ADHD is largely believed to be a heritable neural disorder. However, as I understand the details of the heritable pathway (or pathways?) are largely unsettled. Recently I stumbled over this paper ...

genetics adhd  
user avatar asked by Score of 1

Relativeness of terminology and conceptual knowledge in Bloom's taxonomy?

In Bloom's Taxonomy, knowledge is divided into four categories: 1) factual knowledge, 2) conceptual knowledge, 3) procedural knowledge, 4) meta-cognitive knowledge. Terminology is a type of factual ...

user avatar asked by Lnz Score of 1

Is there any evidence that accepting, affirming parenting is associated with less child depression?

Is there any evidence that children of parents who are accepting and affirming in general of their children have lower rates of depression? I mean the opposite of personally critical, negating, ...

user avatar asked by Peter Elbert Score of 2
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